Returns the status for a Ethereum transaction. The transaction is confirmed when the amount of confirmation blocks is equal or greater to the header-ethereum-tx-confirmations header value.

Also available via HEAD HTTP method.


apiKey - tangany-subscription
apiKey - tangany-client-secret
apiKey - tangany-client-id

Request Parameters

1 Path Parameter
3 Headers


Server response for a Ethereum transaction status

4 Headers
1 Example

true when Ethereum declines to mine the transaction. This can happen when the transaction is fueled with insufficient amount of gas or some other error occurs during contract execution. false means the transaction executed successfully

1 validation + required
number or null

Blockchain block number the transaction was included in. Equals null when the transaction was not yet included in any block. Examples: 7238290

1 validation + required

Life cycle status for a blockchain transaction.

Status Description
unknown The transaction could not be found in the current blockchain memory pool or does not exist on the blockchain
pending The transaction is yet to be included into a new block or did not gather enough confirmation blocks to be considered valid
confirmed The transaction was mined successfully and gathered a secure amount of transaction confirmations
error The transaction could not be included into a block due to an error or did encounter an error executing a smart-contract
1 validation + required
number or null

Amount of confirmations blocks that were mined on top of the transaction inclusion block. Equals null when the transaction is yet to be mined

1 validation
string or null

Ethereum transaction data payload. In order to be stored to the blockchain the payload string is converted by the API into hexadecimal format. When retrieving data from the blockchain the API converts the payload back to UTF-8.

1 validation + required

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